This is the original TokTok project plan. Its original goals remain the same, but the actual roadmap has been adapted to situational changes. We keep this document around for reference.


Following a step plan will involve making compromises. People understandably want to work on exciting new features much more than on making a stable basis for future development. It is now time to pay our technical debt and clean things up. After paying this price, we will be able to move forward more quickly, and to attract more contributors.




The project plan is split into phases. In each phase, we follow a slightly different development process, adjusted to the available tools and resources.


The following guidelines are the same in all phases:

Phase 1: Establishing a basis

In phase 1, we assume a young team of people who haven’t worked together much before.

Tasks for phase 1

Phase 2: Stabilising the protocol

After we have tests in place, we will improve the Tox protocol bit by bit. If possible, we will do this while observing the support horizon. If it turns out the protocol must break, we will do it exactly once, and in a major way, to make the protocol backwards and forwards compatible from then on.

As the team grows more mature, some guidelines can loosen up. As the code becomes more stable and tested, we can tighten or introduce other guidelines.

Tasks for phase 2

Phase 3: Release cycles and features

By now, we will have a strong testing infrastructure and a 4-week support horizon. This allows us to make releases, meaning: