Mission statement: To promote universal freedom of expression and to preserve unrestricted information exchange

Freedom of expression: We believe that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. It is required for creativity to exist. Freedom of expression is impossible to achieve without privacy. We want to make privacy the default, so people can express themselves without having to worry that they might be overheard.

Universal: Our goal is to bring privacy-enhancing technologies to every person anywhere on Earth, people of every age group and background. The freedom we aim to uphold belongs to everybody, every individual and every group.

Promote: We work to further the technological progress of privacy tools, but also to increase awareness of the need for privacy. We live in a world where people become less and less interested in preserving their privacy, and we believe that this is due to the fact that most people are not aware of the dangers that global monitoring brings. Our technological efforts go hand in hand with social efforts to make people privacy-aware.

Information exchange: Any kind of communication, be it text messages, voice, video, photos, or any other piece of information conceivable, needs to have the option to be private. The person creating the information needs to have control over who can receive it.

Preserve: Two people can meet in a room and whisper into each other’s ear, and be reasonably sure that they are the only two people who are aware of the contents of this exchange. This is the level of confidentiality that exists today. We aim to preserve that level as the world grows to be more interconnected over long distances and to protect it in the situations it exists in today.

Unrestricted: Those two people are able to exchange any type of information in that room. The TokTok Project will show no bias towards the contents and nature of information exchanged through our technology.